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Easy e-marketing

Whether you are sending daily, weekly or once a year, myMailMarket helps you in creating beautiful campaigns and do the sending.

professional e-marketing

Start delivering highly relevant content and increase sales conversion or traffic to your website by using myMailMarket.

powerful e-marketing

Built with love and dedication, our online platform to send out email has proven itself to more than 5000 clients.

Discover some of our features:

Email editor

Drag & drop email editor

Create simple email designs from scratch with our drag and drop editor, select and adapt a design in our responsive email gallery or upload your custom designed HTML file.

Smart autoresponders

Smart autoresponders

Would you like to send a campaign at specific times to your subscribers? With an anniversary of a client, after closing an online sale process, one week after registration, etc. Our system does this automatically, without even logging in.

Segmentation and personalisation

Segmentation & Personalisation

In myMailMarket you can use as much personalisation data as you want and send emails based on customer preferences and behaviour.

real-time reports


Who is actually reading your e-mailing? To measure is to know. That's why after each successful mailing you will receive a comprehensive real-time report with all statistics.

SMS marketing

SMS features

Unlike other e-marketing platforms, we are also active in SMS marketing. Check out our features and combine both email and sms to reach even a larger group of customers.

myMailMarket API

Extended API

myMailMarket offers an extensive API for all clients. Several integrations and synchronisations are possible with CMS, shopping cart, webforms and more...

E-commerce module

E-commerce module

With our Magento Plugin retailers have integration possibilities with their e-commerce and CRM

Email previews

Email previews

Free of charge previews in 20+ email clients !

So what does it cost?

  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
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Max. 2,000 subscribers
Max 12,000 emails/month
Yip, totally FREE
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Max. 5,000 subscribers
Unlimited emails
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Max. 10,000 subscribers
Max 50,000 mails/month
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Max. 25,000 subscribers
Max 125,000 mails/month
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SMS Package 1

From 1 to 1,000 SMS
$11 cent /SMS
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SMS Package 2

From 1,000 to 5,000 SMS
$10 cent/SMS
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SMS Package 3

From 5,000 to 10,000 SMS
$9 cent/SMS
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SMS Package 4

More than 10,000 SMS
$8 cent/SMS

No interest in monthly formulas ? Check out our prices page or get detailed pricing info by contacting us now.

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